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Important FAQ's

  • What makes this trail run so incredibly awesome?  -  A challenging trail and beautiful scenery combine for a perfect run.  What more do you need?  Ask anybody who has run it before.

  • Are there aid stations?  -  This is the desert.  Bring water.  There will be aid stations and emergency services on hand, but if you take a wrong turn we may be a while finding you.  There will also be refreshing beverages and delicious food at the end.

  • Is the trail marked?  -  As clearly as the BLM allows.

  • How many runners will there be?  -  This is BLM land so the number of runners allowed is limited.  This will not be a large race.

Full McCoy - $65

5k - $40

Registration Information

Parker Mildenhall  -  1:24:50

Kat Morrow  -  1:55:37

Devin Bradley  -  25:38

Candice Barber - 27:45

Mens Full McCoy:  

Womens Full McCoy:

Mens 5k:

Womens 5k:  

The Records

You can choose to run the approximately 12.5 mile Full McCoy or the 5k version of this event.  Both distances get awesome SWAG with a little something extra for the Full McCoy runners.  You can view the course map here.

The Details

July 8, 2017.

The Real McCoy trail run is almost entirely single track trail with a lot of ups and downs.   Developed by locals, it is truly a world class trail. To learn more about the McCoy Flats trail system click here.

The Original McCoy Flats
Trail Run

The Real McCoy